Brilliant Minds

In 2016, Brilliant Minds achieved a new level: It was “emotional architecture”, said Guest of Honor Quincy Jones. It went beyond the evolution of pure technology and provoked guests to challenge our own identities and personal biases in an authentic, intimate forum. Guests awakened their curiosity with talks from Alphabet Chairman Eric Schmidt, Baroness Joanna Shields, Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales, Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda, Kara Swisher, artists J.R., Doug Aitken and Jordan Wolfson, Niklas Zennstrom and many more luminaires amidst the fresh underground sounds of Icona Pop, Lykke Li, Miriam Bryant and breaking new music acts like The Royal Concept, Alias and Albin Lee Minau, who are shaking the streaming scene and revealed the next generation of Northern European startups disrupting everything from health to music to our sexuality. Watch 2016 recap video


His Royal Highness

Prince Daniel

”Symposium and Brilliant Minds gathers the world’s most successful innovators and entrepreneurs as well as artists, musicians and CEO’s of major companies. Cross-industry get-togethers of this kind make Brilliant Minds unique and very interesting.”

Chairman & CEO International Sony Music

Edgar Berger

”Once again, Brilliant Minds was a one-of-a-kind gathering of inspiring and innovative minds from around the world. I felt that the Symposium and all its parts had developed further since last year. It has now reached the next level. I found it a great success, something to be very proud of. Brilliant Minds is now a highly anticipated and fixed item in my annual calendar. It’s also difficult to emphasize one particular aspect – the entire event is exceptional. However, I always enjoy engaging with the other conference invitees and contributors. Having the opportunity to have direct conversations and connecting on this other, more personal level with such interesting people is definitely amongst the highlights for me. During 2016’s event I loved the speech by artist JR and the ’The Power of Entrepreneurs’ discussion with Skype founder Niklas Zennström and Alphabet Inc. Chairman Eric Schmidt. In addition, the talk between Quincy Jones and Quincy Jones III was truly memorable. The Swedes have their own way of doing things, being very confident and hard-nosed yet humble at the same time. It appears to be a winning formula.

There seems to be a real desire to rethink and renew the world and, after all, success breeds success.”

Executive Editor Harper's Bazaar

Laura Brown

”I loved Brilliant Minds. It was so well organized with many amazing people that would be great to hear more from, and the location was incredible. I was part of an art panel called ‘Picasso in the Pocket: The Art Tech Movement Now’ that had brilliant talents on it – the artists Doug Aitken and Jordan Wolfson, publisher Staffan Ahrenberg and museum director Daniel Birnbaum. I could have talked to them all day. Being part of that panel was definitely a highlight for me. I'm a huge admirer of Doug Aitken and we immediately commenced plotting on a project together. That's always the greatest joy – being surrounded by incredible talent.”

Co-founder & CEO Eventbrite Inc.

Julia Hartz

“Ash Pournouri, Daniel Ek, Natalia Brzezinski and the team didn't disappoint to amaze this year with an incredible collection of thought leaders, pioneers, innovators and artists. This event is unparalleled in terms of content and diversity of perspective. Speaking on stage with Sebastian Siemiatkowski and Lisa Lindström was thrilling. I loved our conversation about the future of team leadership, collaboration and innovation. I think Sweden's success as a technology pioneer and innovation hotbed comes from a confluence of factors: first, the risk to start a company in Sweden is lower due to the benefits in government and welfare. Second, Sweden benefits from a strong technology infrastructure, which has bred digital cultures. And third, the culture of collaboration and paying it forward is self-fulfilling in
leveraging the community aspect of strong startups
and successful companies.”

In year one in 2015, we unveiled the secret to Sweden’s success as the creative capital of the world! In 2016, we brought the world’s success stories to Stockholm to innovate the future of creativity!